Why is the price of the site so inexpensive?
Using a template design system allows us to offer the sites at a discounted rate.

What information do you need to get the site up and running?
A representative from 7DayWebsiteExpress.ca will contact you upon receiving your online order. You will need to provide us with the page names you wish to use, plus the text and images that will go on those pages, unless you would like us to use the stock images already in the template. 7DayWebsiteExpress.ca will create the final site from your information and we will call you to confirm everything is correct. (We do everything for you, all you need to do is talk to us on the phone) Please read under the package details for what this includes.

What Information do you need for the marketing portion of the package?
We will use the same information that you provided for the site portion. Such as business location, address, contact info etc.. We really make this as easy on you as possible! Please read under the package details for what this includes.

What if I want to use my own picture for the main top graphic?
You are allowed to replace the header graphic with a picture of your choice. Please keep in mind that the picture should be at least 72 DPI for the best quality. Send it to us and we will implement it into the site for you.

How long will it take to get the site up live?
Your new website should be up and running in 4 business days, assuming you provide us with the information within the outlined schedule. And then we do the marketing, which takes about 3 days, That is how we guarantee the whole job will be done in 7 days.

What is a Domain Name?
Domain name is the address that users will enter in their web browser to access your website. For example : www.7DayWebsite Express.ca is our domain name. We also offer to register your domain name for you , if you do not already own your domain name. If you sign up for our hosting package, the domain name and registration is free to you.

What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting refers to uploading a website so that it is available on the Internet. Web hosting is a service that we provide for our customers. Every site needs hosting to be able to run online so customers can view the site. We charge a low fee of $10 a month for hosting, and in turn we pay the hosting company for you. It takes the complication out of the process, that way instead of dealing with all these different companies, you will just deal with us and we do everything for you.

Do I own the site once I purchase it?
Yes, once your site has been purchased and paid in full, you own the rights to the site, you may move it to a different hosting supplier, have it taken down or whatever you like. However, all scripts are rented and are the property of 7DayWebsiteExpress.ca. They cannot be moved or hosted with any other company.

What payment methods to you accept?
7DayWebsiteExpress.ca accepts Visa, Mastercard or check for payment. (*If you choose to pay by check, the check must be cleared before we start the website package.)

Do the prices include tax?
All prices are plus applicable taxes. Which in Canadian customer cases, this would be plus the GST in your province of residence . ( U.S. customers are not subject to Canadian taxes. )

Where is 7DayWebsiteExpress.ca Headquarters Located?
We are located in Northern Alberta in a town called Lac La Biche.

How do I know that this site is legitimate?
7DayWebsiteExpress.ca is registered as a trade name under the Alberta Registries Act in Canada. Operating under the Registration number : TN15245178 , And Registration Name: 7 Day Website Express. We are based in Northern Alberta but service all of Canada and parts of the USA.

For any questions you have that are not answered here: Please Call: 780-343-6001